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Maple Tree Services is a family-run business based in Sunderland which has been providing exceptional tree surgery services since 1999. Its experienced team of professionals offers a full range of services, such as pruning, stump grinding, and removing dead or hazardous trees.

Tree Felling and Pruning

At Maple Tree Services, we provide professional tree felling and pruning services to ensure your garden remains healthy, safe, and beautiful.


Dead Tree Removal

Maple Tree Services offers professional tree services such as dead tree removal and dangerous tree management. With safety and efficiency top-of-mind, our experienced tree surgeons will make sure your property is well maintained.

Hedge Cutting

Welcome to Maple Tree Services, the only tree surgeon you need for all your hedging needs! We expertly provide hedge cutting and hedgerow trimming services, ensuring your outdoor spaces look neat and beautiful.

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Tree Reports

At Maple Tree Services, we believe that every tree is unique and should be taken care of accordingly. Our team of experienced tree surgeons are experts in the assessment, analysis and reporting of specific issues concerning the care, maintenance and management of trees.

Inspections & Surveys

We have inspected and surveyed thousands of trees looking at weak branch junctions, disease, decay, and our comprehensive report highlights our recommendations.

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Tree Preservation Orders

Maple Tree Services has experience in working with tree preservation orders that have been issued by local councils.

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